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At Galvin Auto Services our specialised BMW mechanic will perform a full service on your BMW car. This full service includes an oil change, wheel alignment, exhaust maintenance, brake fluid replacement plus many other performance tuning techniques


Servicing, Sales & Repairs

Here at Galvin Auto Services we specialise in preventative vehicle maintenance and full automotive diagnostic upgrade and repair. Our services include full service,oil changes,brake pad changes,tyre check and tyre depot,performance tuning, air conditioning, exhaust repairs and replacements, pre N.C.T and D.O.E tuning and a complete range of other car and van services.

Our many years of experience in the car servicing industry coupled with our professional and specialised staff should help ease the burden of vehicle maintenance and give way to many years of trouble free driving.

Please browse our website to see what products and services we currently have on offer


Site Map
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